What Are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

What Are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

The way in which we choose to decorate and furnish our homes is a personal choice – one which allows us to express our own tastes in design as well as specify fixtures and fittings which will serve to make our home lives more convenient.

The right window coverings are one area of home furnishing that falls exactly into this category; a functional fixture that not only helps us to manage the levels of comfort in our homes but also allows us to make a bold design statement if we so wish.

Rather than just a simple window dressing, blinds, curtains and window shutters allow us to really customise our home environments, adding a finishing touch with serves to complement the rest of our interior décor.

Here at Westral, we believe that a high quality set of roller blinds is one of the most versatile yet effective types of window covering that can be installed within any home or office. The options available to you are endless. So with that in mind, we’re going to provide you with an overview of how a new set of roller blinds could benefit you.

Maximum Light Control

The primary purpose of any window covering is to allow control over the amount of light entering a room. There are several ways in which you could go about achieving this but roller blinds are by far the most effective solution.

The way in which they are hung is what makes them so versatile as the roller mechanism sits at the very top of your window opening and allows your blinds to fall vertically, all the way to your window sills and thus provide maximum coverage.

Once installed, roller blinds can be opened to any one of several different configurations, with fully closed, great for those brilliant hot summer days, half open during periods of warm weather, to fully open when the heat is not excessive during the cooler months, thus giving you the maximum views. Fully or partially closed blinds can also be useful when you want to keep the heat inside in winter and at the same time also keeping out the cold.

In addition, roller blinds can be customised in the following ways;

  • Your choice of blind material from providing a complete blackout solution for rooms which require total darkness such as bedrooms to much lighter materials that allow a certain amount of light transmittance.
  • Roller blinds can be fitted to span almost any size window from very small window openings to full height glazed curtain walls.

Total Privacy

Another desirable effect of any window covering is the ability to hide the interior of your home from those who happen to be walking by or there are neighbouring properties which overlook yours. Our privacy is important to us and whilst large uncovered windows are great for enjoying the view of your surroundings, they can also leave us feeling vulnerable, especially when night falls.

Roller blinds are perfect in this regard as they can quickly be closed to react to sudden increases in external activity and then opened again when your external environment calms down. The same could be said for those times when you and your home’s occupants need privacy.

  • Roller blinds offer additional benefits over curtains in this regard as curtains need to be closed fully to be effective, whereas adjustable roller blinds can offer you the privacy you need whilst still maintaining acceptable levels of natural light


Reduce Your Energy Bills

Solar gain during the height of summer here in Western Australia can pose a significant problem for homes. Although most of our homes are air conditioned, the strength of the sun’s rays during periods of direct sunlight can increase the internal temperatures of our homes considerably.

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What you will notice is that your air conditioning system is forced to work far harder than it otherwise would be if you had some way to limit the amount of light and heat entering your home. The roller blind will do exactly that, by providing much needed shelter for your homes interior and going a long way to limiting solar gain.

  • With our blinds protecting your home, you will be able to set your AC system to a more reasonable temperature, making your homes interior more comfortable.
  • This form of energy management is sure to reduce the load on your AC system with the added effect being one of lower electricity consumption and lower bills.


A Variety of Installation Options

One of the many reasons that roller blinds are so popular is due to the way they can be operated. We are all familiar with the control chain which is available as an option for any blind installation but what some of us may not be aware of is that this process can also be fully automated.

If desired, it is possible to be fully motorised and this allows you to open and close them via the touch of a button. The technology is radio frequency based with a remote control unit acting as the control point which can be operated from anywhere within the home. Additionally there is the option to control the blinds directly from your phone, tablet or home automation system. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your sofa to react to sudden changes of light.

  • Each individual blind will have its own circuit board which means that two blinds installed to the same window can be operated independently – great for when the sun is in a particularly awkward position.
  • The motor fitted to your blinds will allow for smooth and almost silent operation, giving you quick, efficient and accurate control over your blinds positioning.


A Variety of Designs, Colours and Patterns

It goes without saying that you are free to choose the exact style and colour of blinds that will suit the decor in the rest of your home’s interior design scheme. We offer a catalogue of designs which you can choose from as all our blinds are made to measure.

What we guarantee here at Westral is quality and you can rest assured that the blinds you order will be backed by an extensive and exclusive Westral warranty.

Order Your Roller Blinds

When you are considering new window coverings, we suggest that you call us here at Westral on (08) 9455 1555 to discuss the installation of roller blinds in Perth and the surrounding areas. We offer a free measure and quote service which places you under no obligation to proceed, however, once you see what we have to offer, we are sure you will.