Why Timber Shutters Add Character to Any Seaside Property

Why Timber Shutters Add Character to Any Seaside Property

A seaside home is all about escape and style. You’re one of the lucky few if you’ve found yourself waking up to views of the ocean and that soft sea breeze whistling outside. Whether this is your permanent residence or your holiday home, you want to embrace the beachy style and elegance that come along with such a wonderful location. Whilst throw pillows make a difference on the inside, the exterior touches are just as important. Ideally, your home is just as cool and relaxing from the living room as it is from the outside looking in through the windows.

One of the best and simplest ways to add character to your seaside property is through embracing the natural elegance of timber shutters. Sure, these shutters are an internal fixture, but they add style just as much to the outside as they do to the inside. Before we delve deeply into why timber shutters add just the right character to your seaside home, let’s first take a look at the style and benefits of a coastal property. Then, we’ll explore the benefits of the timber shutters and explain how they’re the perfect touch.

Whether we realise it or not, humans are always seeking an escape from the hum-drum routines of daily life. Weekends serve as mini escapes once a week. Summer holiday is thought of as a “necessary break.” Meditation even allows you to escape the moment just by closing your eyes. What is a better physical embodiment of this satisfaction of escape than a seaside home? Even if it’s not a permanent move, spending time in a house on the water feels like the ultimate indulgent escape.

It’s no wonder that beach home style has become the epitome of relaxed. Even when the day is done and it’s time to resort back indoors, the escapist mindset does not rest. Seaside character is all about light, ease, comfort, and coolness. Interior design leans towards soft materials, light and bright colours, and ease of function. An easy breezy home is the final piece of the escapist puzzle. Finding all the right touches for your seaside home style will make it that much sweeter.

Timber shutters, also known as plantation shutters or wooden shutters, are one of the most popular choices of window dressings. They have many functional benefits and are attractive to boot, so it’s no surprise their popularity is steadily rising. They increase both home value and privacy whilst reducing energy use!

Westral timber shutters are of the highest quality and function you can get on the market. All wood used to create the shutters is sourced from trees planted specifically for your blinds. The timber is taken, kiln-dried and cut in a way that makes them less susceptible to warping, twisting, or cupping. This exceptional quality will stand out through their long lifespan and home value appreciation. This investment will earn its keep through its function (and all the compliments you’ll receive on the style of your home!)

The privacy that these thick wooden shutters provide will keep the sun out in the morning and any peeking eyes out all day. As they block the sun, they also keep your energy savings low since you won’t need to pump the home with air conditioning to keep cool. Instead, you can simply open the windows whilst leaving your timber blinds in place to allow for natural ventilation and keeping your seclusion from the outside world.

Not only are timber shutters top-of-the-line when it comes to materials and utility, they also add character that can’t be replicated in other ways. Timber shutters fit in with just about any kind of décor, but the way they embody coastal style is bar none. The colour, fit, and configuration can be carefully chosen to flow with the rest of your beachy décor.


The double-duty nature of timber shutters means they add a style statement to both the indoor AND outdoor look of your home. The slats exude easy breezy living and will make your home stand out on the beach block as one that has mastered seaside style.

Make a statement by adding white timber shutters to your dark-coloured home for a pop of brightness. Or take an opposite approach by using dark shutters against a bright wall to ground the look of your holiday home. Whichever style you choose, Westral Timber shutters will make a true statement of character either way.

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