Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds

Westral’s custom made Panel Blinds offer a versatile, modern and stylish alternative to more traditional window coverings. Not only are panel blinds ideal for large windows and doors, they are also an excellent solution for dividing rooms, maximising your living space and closing off storage areas.

Sleek and elegant, panel blinds offer excellent versatility when it comes to controlling light, privacy and views all around the home. Westral Panel Blinds offer smart solutions and are also ideal for breaking up larger living areas, allowing you to reinvent your living or work space without breaking the bank.

Panel Blinds: Key Features

Panel blinds use a number of fabric panels that slide horizontally to cover your windows and doors. When the blinds are open they stack neatly behind each other, taking minimum space to one or either side of your windows and doors. As you slide them closed the blinds create an attractive fabric screen that allows you optimum control of the light levels and privacy in your living space. While panel blinds are often seen as a modern window covering option, their versatility and simplicity ensures they are equally attractive in more traditional settings.

The number of panels required and their exact dimensions will depend on the space you wish to cover.  Rest assured that Westral can provide attractive panel blind solutions for any home or workplace at extremely attractive prices.

The Benefits of Panel Blinds

Panel blinds have a number of advantages both in terms of functionality and appearance:

Safe and sturdy – Panel blinds are operated by using a simple wand control to roll them open and closed. The lack of cords ensures they are easy to maintain and makes them far less prone to accidents involving young children or pets.

Easy to install and use – Once the headrail system has been installed above your window or door you simply have to clip on the panels and you are good to go. It really just takes a matter of minutes. Our trained installers will leave you with a clean finish every time.

Less light, more privacy – Westral panel blinds’ slimline system significantly reduces light gap, while increased panel overlap provides all the privacy you need.

Minimalist and compact – Because the panels stack neatly when the blinds are open they are a compact solution for large windows or doors that work particularly well in small living spaces.

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Panel Blinds: A World of Options

When it comes to covering a window or door in style, panel blinds are hard to beat. You can mix and match to your heart’s content using two or even three fabric designs to cover a single window or door creating a vibrant backdrop for your living room or bedroom.

Whether you are decorating from scratch or you are looking for designs to complement your existing décor, we have fabrics and colours to suit every type of living space, from contemporary designs to traditional tastes. We can also help you create the perfect match with existing curtains, verticals, rollers or roman blinds, while remaining consistent with your décor. As well as our extensive range of fabrics and colours, our rail tracking systems are available in black, white and anodised silver, while the panels themselves can be face fixed or fitted in reveal.

We believe that creating the best blinds isn’t just about form, but also about function. We can tailor blinds depending on how much light you would like in you room, how much privacy you need and even advise on how to make the most of your view.

For the best range of panel blinds in Perth at the keenest prices, contact our qualified staff today. They will arrange a free measure and quote in your home.