The Key Benefits of Blinds in Rental Properties

The Key Benefits of Blinds in Rental Properties

When planning to rent out your property, there are several items you will need to put into place before passing the keys over to the tenants. One of the most important is to provide basic furnishings including window blinds or curtains. Believe it or not, the right decision between blinds and curtains could make or break the effect of a room. Westral, manufacturers of blinds for over 44 years, believes that fitting window blinds will make your life easier as a landlord. Installing blinds instead of curtains or drapes will prove to be a far more economical solution for window coverings. This could even make the difference between properties being let out as well as the duration the tenants are likely to stay. Blinds have several other advantages that make them uniquely well suited to rental properties, as suggested by Westral’s consultants.

They are attractive to perspective tenants

One of the ways blinds can help when installed in a rental property is that they are extremely attractive to tenants. Aesthetically they are pleasing to the eye as they are neater and the minimalistic look of roller blinds is the modern way to cover your windows beautifully. Because they can greatly improve the appearance of your property, blinds can help sway a perspective tenant’s decision to rent the property initially. Not only that, tenants are likely to stay longer in a property when it is cleaner, tidier and attractive, particularly if new window blinds have been installed.

Blinds help keep your property clean and tidy.

As a landlord, it is important to take steps to ensure that your property is as hygienic and comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to keep a property hygienically clean is by fitting blinds. They are way more hygienic over drapes and curtains. Installing blinds to cover all your windows in the property will make the place will look cleaner and tidier instantly. This type of glass window will also make it easier to clean when one tenant moves out and the next one moves in. Quite simply, blinds are so much easier to clean than either drapes or curtains. A quick wipe is all they need instead of a thorough wash at regular intervals. In comparison, drapes and curtains are more time consuming to wash than blinds. They will need to be taken down from the curtain pole, washed, allowed to dry, possibly iron and then replaced back on the pole. This is too much hassle for a homeowner let alone a busy landlord.

Blinds can act as space savers

There is no denying the popularity of blinds has risen dramatically in the last few years. Experts say more and more people are choosing to live in cities – which essentially means apartments – and these don’t tend to be over spacious by any means. Often a lot of these dwellings are owned by landlords for rental purposes. So, where space is limited, landlords should seek ways to make the property look bigger than it actually is. Landlords have realised that installing blinds is an efficient way to create more space in smaller properties as opposed to folds and folds of heavy curtain material.

There is so much choice

Mistakenly, many people believe that the choice for curtains and drapes is larger than the choice for blinds. But there is so much choice when it comes to blinds in Perth, from Venetians to rollers, from honeycomb to vertical to Romans plus the relatively new panel glide blinds. There is bound to be a style of blinds to suit all types of property. A quick chat to Perth blind experts, Westral, will have you thinking differently. Blinds come in all manner of fabrics and patterns to suit any home’s style and décor. And staff at Westral will only be too happy to assist landlords in their blind making decisions.

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Blinds are airy and allow light in

Curtains and drapes can make a room appear much darker than blinds because they can cover parts of the window frame. Blinds in comparison are versatile as they can be rolled away or tucked to the side and make the window all the more visible. This results in bringing in more light into the room because there is way less material to obstruct the window the way curtains and drapes have the habit of doing.

Help improve the quality of tenant’s life

As well as allowing light to spill into the room, blinds can also be used to control the amount of heat entering the room by adjusting their slats in the case of venetian blinds, or raising or lowering the blind itself, as is in the case of roller blinds or Romans. By giving tenants this level of control over their environment, landlords will have happier tenants. By improving tenant’s lives, they are likely to stay longer which will save the landlord the hassle of finding new tenants when a contract ends. It is a clear win-win situation for both tenants and landlords.

Perth blind experts Westral strongly discourage the use of curtains or drapes to dress the windows if you are looking to rent your property. The above listed advantages speak for themselves. Whether you are looking for blinds, awnings, screens and rolling or timber shutters, even roller shutters, Westral is the company for you. Westral manufacture a wide range of home improvements, all of which add real value to your home. With over 44 years of experience, Westral can suggest the perfect solutions for landlords and homeowners. Contact them today to get a free quote on all their services by calling (08) 9455 1555.