Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds

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Protect Your Patio, Alfresco Area and Verandah from the Elements with Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds

Westral’s Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds are perfectly suited for patios, alfresco areas, verandahs and balconies. They act as a barrier, blocking the harsh sunlight and cutting down on energy costs by reducing the amount of heating or cooling needed to keep the areas comfortable.

All Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds have been exclusively designed by Westral – and you won’t find them available anywhere else. They come in a variety of colours and finishes, with a wide range of options to enhance any indoor-outdoor space.

Enclose Your Patio, Alfresco Area or Verandah with Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds

Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds will partially or completely enclose your outdoor living area so that you and your guests can enjoy being outside without having to deal with the elements. They make spending time out of doors more enjoyable – regardless of the time of year.

During the Western Australian summers, when intense light and heat from the sun makes being outdoors quite unpleasant, Shadetrack blinds shield you from glare, whilst protecting them from skin-damaging Ultra Violet rays. There’s no need to bring a bottle of sunscreen or pair of sunglasses with you just to enjoy your outdoor entertainment area.

Likewise, during cooler months or periods of inclement weather, Shadetrack blinds also turn patios and verandahs into more comfortable places to come together with friends and family. They will eliminate disturbances caused by wind and rain and help keep out pesky intruders such as insects and creepy crawlers.

Our Outdoor Blinds Are Manufactured to the Highest Specifications

The fact that Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds are manufactured exclusively by Westral means that we control the design and installed. Our customers appreciate the fact that our blinds are manufactured to suit their outdoor living area.

To begin with, every Shadetrack Outdoor Blind that we manufacture and install is produced using high-grade, powder-coated aluminium extrusions. These are combined with stainless steel brackets, brass locking pins where required and marine-grade nylon-infused plastics to ensure that they can withstand the harshest environments. All fabrics used are of the highest grade available.

When other manufacturers may settle for less, they could be doing their customers a great disservice – especially if they live in WA. Our state enjoys more sunny days than any other state in Australia. As lovely as that is, those harsh UV rays can quickly damage blinds that are made from inferior materials.

And then there’s the salty sea air. Daily exposure to sea breezes can take their toll on the pins, fittings and support structures that hold those blinds together. At Westral, we work hard to ensure that our blinds offer customers years of satisfactory use. They will stand up to the elements and continue functioning as effectively and efficiently as they did when initially installed.

Just as importantly, our Shadetrack blinds are also manufactured without any ropes or pulleys. This means that they are safe for families with young children, as there is no risk of little ones becoming tangled up in the cords.

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Westral Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds – Customised to Suit Your Needs

When you purchase Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds from Westral you have many options and add-ons to choose from. To begin with, we offer four main fabric options:

Mesh – Mesh blinds provide shade and protection from the sun whilst still allowing airflow onto your patio or verandah. This serves to keep the space well-ventilated without allowing excessive sunlight in during the heat of the day.

Canvas – These blinds are durable and opaque, which means they can effectively block out the elements without being worn down by daily exposure to the wind, rain and UV rays. They offer excellent shade for your interior.

Acrylic – Acrylic fabric is light and lets some amount of light through, which means that it offers a middle option between mesh and canvas. The main advantage of this fabric is that it is available in a dazzling array of colours and aesthetic designs.

PVC – As with canvas, PVC blinds are hard-wearing. They’re easy to clean and maintain plus they are available in both clear and tinted varieties. The latter means that you can dictate how much light they let through.

The selection of Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds from Westral come equipped with a central control which is refreshingly easy to use. They are available in various sizes – up to 5.85 metres in width – and offer feature flat-side retention zip for smooth operation.

You can also choose from the following add-ons if desired:

  • Contemporary fully enclosed head box design to complement any outdoor setting
  • Locking points to allow for added versatility
  • Alpha 240V tubular motors for greater ease of operation

When you are interested in installing our quality Shadetrack Outdoor Blinds on your home get in touch with us by visiting our showrooms situated at 79, Erindale Road, Balcatta or 149, Bannister Road, Canning Vale . You can contact us through the website by filling out the contact form or call us directly on (08) 9455 1555. We will organise a free measure and quote in your home at a time that suits you.