Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Perth

Westral roman blinds are a sleek, elegant option for covering your windows and doors. Using the finest quality fabrics and materials, our custom-made roman blinds are made to withstand the long hours of Western Australian sunlight and will last you for years to come.

Attractive and versatile, our roman blinds give you complete control over sunlight and privacy throughout your home. They can also provide excellent shade in outdoor areas such as gazebos or patios.

While our roman blinds are an old favourite, our extensive range of fabrics and designs ensure that they look good in any setting. From modern apartments to more traditional homes, we can build you blinds that match your tastes and existing décor.

Roman Blinds: Key Feature

Roman blinds are often a favoured option because of their simplistic, minimalist design and ease of use. They consist of fabric panels mounted onto slats which are pulled together by a cord when the blind is raised. When opened, the unfolded fabric provides a smooth unbroken appearance, creating a harmonious look in any room in your home.

All Westral roman blinds come with a number of key features. We use natural-looking canvas fabrics to ensure the highest level of durability and easy maintenance. Our cord/pulley system is easy to use and works perfectly every time, and all our roman blinds are fitted with child safety devices.

The Benefits of Roman Blinds

Westral roman blinds have a number of key advantages. Their simple design makes them an affordable option for covering windows and doors. This economic design also ensures that they are simple to use while remaining functional and reliable.

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While reliability and ease of use is essential in any blind, it is often the timeless style of roman blinds that makes them such a popular option. While other window coverings can go in and out of fashion, the sleek simplicity of roman blinds Perth ensures they transcend the latest trends and never look behind the times.

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Roman Blinds: A World of Options

At Westral, we offer a fabulous range of colours, fabrics and textures to suit every taste and every home. You can even have your own fabric bonded as part of your blind for a perfect finishing match to your existing decor, while our Californian timber baton options can bring a unique and warm look to your roman blinds.

As well as our extensive range of designs and colours, we offer a choice of fabrics to suit every setting:

Blockout – Providing ultimate privacy 24 hours a day, our block out fabric provides excellent protection against heat and cold.

Translucent  – Bring your texture and patterns to life with our translucent fabrics, which keep out the harsh sun while allowing a clear view into the room.

Sheer – Enjoy the best of both worlds: daytime privacy with uninhibited views. You can also double up with blockout fabric to give you maximum privacy and protection when you need it.

Sunscreen – Our sunscreen fabrics provide excellent heat and light control while allowing you to retain your view. This option also works perfectly with blockout fabric.

All of our roman blinds are custom made, from start to finish. We can make attractive, durable blinds for any size or door or window, even customising the space between slats so your blinds will look great whether they are open or closed.

If you are unsure of the right options for you, our trained consultants can give you expert advice on all aspects of our roman blinds and help you find the best solution for your home.

For the best range of roman blinds in Perth at great price, please contact us today.