Folding Arm – Ibiza

Folding Arm – Ibiza

Heavy-duty folding arm awning – a high performance, reliable and easy-to-install product. A proven worldwide bestseller, Ibiza is a heavy-duty folding arm awning for terraces, balconies, shops and restaurants.

It meets the requirements of around 80 per cent of all orders, with widths of up to 7 metres and projections of up to 3.6 metres, using the highest quality materials to ensure outstanding performance and reliability at all times. A semi-cassette option gives a more attractive appearance and excellent protection of the fabric.
Ibiza is quick and easy to assemble using a minimal number of components and tools. Stock requirements and assembly time are reduced. And installations are fast and straightforward, with specially designed brackets to help with more complicated installations.
There is a choice of standard and pitch control arms. With Ibiza pitch control arms, customers themselves can easily adjust the pitch angle between 5° and 45° meaning more control for the end-user and reduced after-sales adjustment for the installer.

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