Multistop Awnings

Multistop Awnings

Get the perfect patio awning with a multi-stop channel blind or awning from Westral and create a comfortable open-air outdoor space that can be used all year round. The unique design characteristics of Multi-Stop patio awning will provide you with total control, meaning that you can raise and lower it according to where the sun is and how its rays are streaming through onto your patio, verandah or any outdoor living area.

Never worry about unwanted heat and glare again with the perfect patio awning installed in your home. Instead, you and your guests can enjoy comfortable leisure time throughout the day and at any time of the year. Exercise greater control over your environment and get even more use out of your outdoor living area with multi-stop blinds and awnings from Westral.

Perfect Patio Awnings

Perth is famous for the outdoor lifestyle that local residents enjoy. But the truth is that the sun’s rays can be as disruptive as they are enjoyable. Stay safe and cool with a perfect patio awning from Westral – our adjustable outdoor blinds and awnings installed on your home you will be able to create a much more comfortable outdoor living environment.

In the heat of the day, sitting on a patio, verandah or any similar open-air environment isn’t always as enjoyable as people imagine it might be. Those hot rays streaming through to the sitting area can send the mercury rising and they can also end up doing damage to furniture upholstery – not to mention to your skin.

However, thanks to our adjustable blinds and awnings you can continue to block those rays even as the sun traverses across the sky. The closer it sinks towards the horizon, the lower you can adjust the awnings so that they continue to keep your sitting area out of the intense heat. Combined with a fan or a pleasant breeze everyone will feel cool and comfortable throughout the day.


Custom Made for Your Home in Perth

When you are shopping around for the perfect patio awning, you are likely to find that some local distributors leave you relatively few options when it comes to customising your order. Not so at Westral. We take pride in the fact that our multi-stop blinds and awnings can be customised to suit a wide range of situations, environments and personal preferences.

We provide a broad selection of fabrics for you to choose from – sunblock, light filtration or semi-shade fabrics, just to name a few examples. Some are also available with transparent properties to maintain your view without letting in heat or damaging UV rays.

Here are a few of the specific options we offer with our multi-stop blinds:

Full Block-Out Fabric – These are equipped with a fully opaque fabric that allows no visible light to pass through. In other words, you can enjoy total shade and full privacy when fully deployed in the down position.

Light-Filtering Fabric – These awnings filter a significant amount of visible and UV light so that the enclosed space is protected from heat and damaging rays without being completely shaded from the outside.

Semi-Shade Fabric – The fabric used in these awnings has transparent properties but still provides protection from damaging UV rays. In other words, you can enjoy views without having to worry about your furniture fading.

Manual Awnings – For the greatest value, our manual-style awnings offer versatility. Manually adjust them throughout the day to continue blocking the sun’s rays.

Automatic Awnings – Automatic awnings are our most convenient type. We can install a highly effective control system that will allow you to adjust the angle and level of your awnings automatically and with great ease.

When you ask Westral to install awnings and blinds at your home you get the say in how these products look, feel and operate. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Protect Your Patio and Your Family

All of the products we offer at Westral – from our multi-stop adjustable awnings to our roll-up blinds – are designed to protect both your property and the people who enjoy using it. We take care of our own manufacturing at our production facilities in Canning Vale and this allows us to ensure that the products we install are of the highest quality. Few distributors in WA can boast the same.

With an adjustable blind and awning fitted to your patio, alfresco area, verandah or outdoor living space you will be able to more effectively protect the furniture, carpet and other items found inside. Not only that, you can also offer those who enjoy using the space a higher degree of protection against harmful UV light and the burning sun.

When you are interested in installing our quality Multi-Stop Blinds and Awnings on your home get in touch with us by visiting our showrooms situated at 79, Erindale Road, Balcatta or 149, Bannister Road, Canning Vale. You can contact us through the website by filling out the contact form or call us directly on (08) 9455 1555. We will organise a free measure and quote in your home at a time that suits you.