Aluminium Awnings

Aluminium Awnings

Manufactured locally here in Canning Vale and specifically designed to protect your home from the damaging Western Australian elements, Westral’s aluminium awnings block up to 90% of the heat that’s normally transmitted through windows, keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the long, hot summer and protecting the interior and windows of your property from the winter rain and wind.

Aluminium awnings are a popular feature on Perth homes as they meet a wide range of functional objectives, including protection from the weather, enhanced energy efficiency and increased privacy, in addition to complementing the design and style elements of residential properties by adding colour, dimension and shape.

Providing innovative and value-for-money awnings, blindssecurity screens and doorsshutters and more to home and business owners across Perth for more than 50 years, Westral is renowned for delivering a broad range of products that are designed and manufactured by locals for locals. For a broad range of attractive aluminium awnings in Perth, don’t hesitate to give the Westral team a call or speak to us in person at one of our conveniently located showrooms at Canning Vale and Balcatta.


Our superb range of aluminium awnings offers many features that make our products an excellent investment in your home’s appearance and functionality. As they’ve been designed specifically with Perth homes in mind, there’s sure to be an awning style that complements the appearance of your property while delivering a great range of functional benefits. The many features of our aluminium awnings include:

  • Broad variety of fixed styles including the practical Bahama and the stylish Caribbean
  • Treated to prevent corrosion and rusting
  • Ideal for outdoor living areas

There’s so much more to our aluminium awnings than meets the eye. We’ve invested heavily in our ability to design and manufacture aluminium awnings that are ideal for Perth homes with up-to-date manufacturing equipment, digital design technologies and ongoing employee training, to ensure our products represent the very best value-for-money on the local market. We understand that awnings are an investment that must deliver a wide range of benefits and we have worked hard to offer an aluminium awning range that meets all our customers’ aesthetic and functional requirements.


Unlike other Westral products, our awnings don’t offer a long list of customisable options. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all aluminium awnings for Perth homes, so you can rest assured that the awnings you purchase will not only complement the aesthetic properties of your residential property, but also meet your specific functionality requirements. Speak to one of our awning specialists about the aluminium awning options that Westral currently offers, including:

  • A great range of long lasting Westral double-baked enamel painted colours to choose from
  • Customisable colour sequence to complement your home’s aesthetic style and looks
  • Your choice of enclosed or open sides to match the style of your property
Aluminium Awnings

Our friendly staff members can help you understand which colour and design options best suit the style of your property and meet your functionality requirements, so if you’re overwhelmed by the range of colours and styles that you can choose from, we’re here to help you make the best choices. To help you select the perfect aluminium awnings for your Perth property, whether that’s your own home or a rental property, we’ll discuss your colour and style preferences, the positioning of your windows and the direction of the sun, among other factors, to create the perfect awning.

Benefits of Awnings

Our consultants take into consideration the property’s aesthetic and style elements, the position of the windows, existing shade, (trees, surrounding buildings, etc.) and other important factors, so that your aluminium awnings will deliver a wide range of excellent benefits that make them an excellent choice.

Installing an aluminium awning not only helps to keep you cool by preventing up to 90% of the heat from entering your home, it also helps to reduce your energy expenditure by reducing your reliance on air-conditioning and fans. This can lead to significant energy savings throughout the long, hot Western Australian summer when most households experience a significant spike in energy usage.

Aluminium awnings provide great protection from the rain, which not only enables you to leave your windows open when it’s raining, as it also helps prevent damage to windows and window coverings. Windows often sustain damage by fierce seasonal storms, though with a correctly configured and installed aluminium awning, it’s possible to prevent unnecessary damage to your windows.

Established in 1973, Westral has led Perth’s awnings and blinds market for over 50 years by delivering products unrivalled in terms of quality. For an excellent selection of customised aluminium awnings at competitive prices and representing excellent value please call Westral on 9455 1555 for a free measure and quote in your home or visit us our showrooms at 79 Erindale Road, Balcatta and 149 Bannister Road, Canning Vale.