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Is It Time For Some Brand New Window Blinds?

You know it’s time to start thinking about replacing your window blinds when they start looking somewhat jaded and are no longer operating correctly. Additionally, cleaning the blinds has become more time-consuming and, to top it all, you are hankering after a more modern look.

How long have you had your blinds for? Most experts give a reasonable shelf-life of blinds of around seven years. However, the life-span very much depends on how much punishment the blinds have to endure, particularly in weathering Australia’s hot summers, with their long hours of sunshine and humidity.

Roller Blinds

Homeowners’ wish list

Homeowners have two demands when it comes to blinds: they need to look good and they need to work properly. The ravages of ageing, however, can invariably put a dampener on such hopes.

If your blinds no longer work properly, it’s probably the time to upgrade.

Ditto if your blinds have lost their shape. Double ditto if your tastes have changed.

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Five things you need to know

Here are five key pointers that should convince you to invest in a beautiful new set of blinds.

  1. Loss of functionality

It’s become difficult to raise and lower your venetian and roller blinds, or to open and close your vertical ones. Or it’s become hard to adjust the slats on your wooden blinds.

When blinds no longer work normally, it may make sense to start thinking about acquiring new ones.

  1. Wear and tear

Even the best-designed blinds in Perth eventually succumb to wear and tear.  Wooden and venetian slats can become warped, or twisted, and slats become stiff – or don’t close securely. Perhaps the tilt mechanism has given up the ghost.

Wooden blinds can also start fading, peeling and cracking. Fabric shows signs of fading, indicating deterioration.

With venetian and vertical blinds, the cords have become frayed. Also, the internal mechanism doesn’t run as smoothly as before. The long-term build-up of dust and grime may have finally taken its toll.

  1. Cleaning is time-consuming

New blinds are generally easy to clean – old blinds not so! Over the years it becomes more difficult to remove all the dust and dirt, making the blinds harder to resurrect to their original fresh appearance.

  1. Child safety

When your home environment changes in that its occupants now include children, it’s important to consider the safety features of new vertical, venetian, roman and roller blinds. All Westral window furnishings come with child safety devices, while optional wand control can help avoid any mishaps.

  1. Changing tastes

Blinds play a crucial role in setting the ambiance of a room, being constantly visible to its occupants. If your blinds start to look sad in an otherwise cheerful room, it’s probably worthwhile replacing them. Alternatively, your tastes may have changed and you’re after a more modern look, despite your current set of blinds showing every indication of continuing to serve you well in all other respects.

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