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Roller Shutters: Are They for Your Business?

Roller shutters are a reliable and innovative choice, especially considering Western Australia’s weather. Their function is especially useful for commercial spaces, as they also double as protection from break-ins whilst being an affordable option. The benefits are many when it comes to roller shutters, so let’s dive in and determine whether or not these are the right choice for your Australian business.

1. Security

One of the most convenient aspects of roller shutters is that they act as both light/air blockers and crime deterrents. Their aluminium material’s durability will help to prevent any criminals from breaking into your business. This kind of security is especially important to commercial businesses that have valuable product or employees who work night shifts. Keeping what’s inside safe from the outside can be as easy as rolling down your shutters. Pharmacies, stadiums, stores and more have learned that roller shutters are an easy fix. Although security is not the original purpose these shutters serve, it plays the role of defence well and will provide you with peace of mind after locking up each night.

2. Weather Protection

Roller shutters also play a big role in protecting your business from extreme weather of any kind. From storms to tornadoes to bushfires, a tough aluminium guard will keep indoor goods and people safe and secure from the ravaging weather outside. Western Australia is known for its harsh weather, but luckily Westral’s roller shutters were designed specifically for these conditions. Strong winds can send debris flying towards windows, and this is one of the most commonly seen causes of damaged property during bouts of extreme weather. High-quality Australian materials combined with design with weather in mind means Westral’s roller shutters were created precisely for what could potentially come.

Recently, many Australian government agencies have been recommending roller shutters specifically to be installed to add a layer of protection against bushfires. They will not stop a fire in its tracks, but they do protect windows from window-shattering scorching heat. If bushfires have threatened your business’s area in the past, roller shutters are a great solution to keep you and your business safe.

3. Privacy

Roller shutters offer a few versions of privacy. Their three positions (fully rolled down, rolled down with tilted slats, and rolled up) allow levels of privacy for whatever time of day. If what you’re looking for is total privacy and complete obstruction of view, roll your shutters down for a solid wall of protection. On the other hand, if you want a full view and access to your business, rolling your shutters back up into their headbox will keep an unobstructed entrance or window. If you find yourself somewhere in between, you can keep your shutters rolled down with adjusted slats to let in a bit of light and airflow.

4. Ease of Use

Roller shutters can be used by anyone. Whilst it is commonly thought that it takes muscle to pull down a large aluminium shutter sheet, that simply is not the case. Roller shutters by Westral come in a variety of different use options including both manual and automatic, featuring our new Ozroll Drive System. A quick pull-down will take your window from totally vulnerable to totally protected. A simple lift will reverse that, bringing your business to life with every reveal. Anyone can be taught to use roller blinds, so you won’t have to be present every night to lock up your business.

5. Energy Efficiency

Roller shutters serve a unique purpose in that they can help to lower your energy bills. The foam-insulated aluminium panels are great to either keep heat in or keep it out, depending on the time of year and what you need. In the summer, rolling your shutters down will help to keep the heat out. You will need automated cooling less, thus you’ll pay less each month on your energy bill. In the winter, rolling your shutters down will keep any warmth inside so that you don’t need to run your heater quite as much. Although money savings may not have been at the forefront of your mind when deciding about shutters, it is certainly a lovely added benefit.

For custom options for your roller shutter situation, there’s no better company in Western Australia that Westral. Our reputation for providing expert advice, high-value products and superb customer service has not been lost on us. We consistently provide these things to all clients, making businesses better and safer every day. Give us a call to chat roller shutters today

Is it a good investment to install security doors?

Security doors are doors that are strengthened in some manner, whether that is with a metal frame or with industrial locks. They are definitely much more expensive than a typical door, yet they add value and peace of mind in ways that cannot be achieved by a normal door.

So, the question arises as to whether security doors are worth the extra money or not. Below are several reasons why people often purchase security doors. For many, investing in a security door is a must. See if you agree after reading these common benefits of security doors.

1. Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Security doors are much stronger than normal doors, so they have the ability to stand up to nearly anything mother nature may throw at them. They can help protect your home and its contents from flooding, flying debris, hail, and many other natural dangers.

If you live in areas that are prone to excessive sun exposure, then security doors may be better able to stand up to weathering. Don’t let your door fall victim to all of mother nature’s dirty tricks. Be one step ahead of her mischievous antics and install a security door in your home today.

2. Keep Out Intruders

Security doors work impeccably to keep out any unwelcome people from your home. This helps to keep your belongings, as well as yourself and family, safe and secure.

Security doors also have a distinct look that will deter most criminals from even trying to take your belongings. Most robbers look for the easiest target that they can get away with their devious deeds quickly and without suspicion. Just having a security door makes your home much less appealing to criminals than another property that has a much easier door to break into.

3. Adds Value to Your Home

Security doors allow homeowners to add value to their home because they work to make sure that your property and all its contents will not be ruined or stolen. If you ever decide to sell your home, the fact that you have installed a security door will allow you to ask for a slightly higher asking price than you otherwise would be able to.

The presence of a security door is more favourable than a normal door to most home buyers. Anything that will enhance your home’s value will bring money back to your pocket in the long run.

4. Save Money on Home Insurance

Security doors can actually help homeowners save money on their home insurance because the insurance company will see that your property is less of a risk; and therefore, will charge you a lower rate than homeowners who merely have an ordinary wooden door.

Having a security door may even make you feel so confident with your home’s security that you may feel comfortable purchasing a smaller home insurance package in order to save money. You may not need the most complicated home insurance coverage if you have a well-working security door that protects your home from any unwanted host.

5. Curb Appeal

Security doors come in a variety of fashionable styles and materials, so they can give your house some added design and style. Stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood with your stylish security door.

Your home doesn’t have to look like a prison if you install a security door. Quite the opposite in fact. Most security doors elevate the sophistication and elegance of your home’s façade in ways that ordinary doors cannot.

Even though security doors do require a little bit more capital than an ordinary door, many people still believe they are a great investment, as they are continually gaining popularity all over the world. If the above reasons have swayed you toward considering installing a security door in your home, then now you must decide which company you would like to work with to get your door. to supply your door.

Westral offers a wide variety of security doors and screens that will perfectly suit any of your needs. 

Get in touch with us! We will gladly answer any questions you may have, and we will be pleased to offer you a free quote so that you will know exactly how much our services cost before having to make a financial commitment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get one step closer to better protect your family and property.

5 Reasons Custom-Made Blinds in Perth are the Best Choice

If you’re looking to add window treatments to your home in Perth you have many different options available to you. There are many different things to consider from design to materials.

However, the biggest decision you will have to make is whether or not you will purchase ready-made blinds or custom-made blinds. Generally, custom-made blinds are a little more expensive, but they also create a more cohesive and sophisticated look.

There are many pros and cons to each option, but below you will find many compelling reasons as to why custom-made blinds are the best choice.

1. Perfect Fit

Custom-made blinds are made to order so that they will perfectly fit the specific window in your home. Ready-made blinds may have to be resized to fit and even then, they likely won’t fit perfectly because they weren’t specifically made for your windows.

Custom-made blinds take into account minor imperfections and changes whereas ready-made blinds are made for specific measurements that may or may not actually line up with the windows in your house due to minor mistakes or even foundation shifts. Also, custom blinds will cause you less hassle because you will not have to worry about whether or not they will fit.

2. Reduce Waste

Ready-made blinds often need to be cut to size or trimmed to fit the windows of your home properly. This produces much more waste than if the blinds were made to fit the windows in the first place.

If you are conscious about how much raw materials you consume, then you may want to utilise custom-made blinds so that you don’t need to produce more waste than is necessary.

3. Get Exactly What You Want

Ready-made window treatments often force homeowners to make compromises when it comes to style or material because it depends on what is currently in stock. However, when one orders custom blinds they can get exactly if they want even if it must be ordered from the manufacturer.

Custom-made blinds allow homeowners significantly more freedom than ready-made blinds. If you want your window treatments to show off your style and individuality, then custom-made blinds will certainly provide a better option than ready-made options that everyone else will also have access to.

4. Ability to Speak Directly with the Supplier

When one purchases ready-made blinds, it may be difficult to get in direct contact with the supplier. There will likely be a lengthy process that requires you to jump through many hoops and work your way up the customer service ladder to get to speak with someone who can actually help you.

Fixing the problem may also cost you more money. However, when purchasing custom-made blinds, one can speak directly with the supplier from whom they ordered if there is any sort of problem or malfunction. They also tend to offer guarantees that will alleviate any stress about things going wrong. This gives many homeowners a peace of mind that purchasing ready-made blinds can’t provide.

5. Higher Quality

Ready-made blinds produced on an assembly line are much more prone to defects than blinds that are carefully made for an individual order. Ready-made blinds also have to survive delivery and distribution where they can become damaged, whereas custom-made blinds will be constructed in your home and have less of a chance of getting damaged or needing repairs. If you want to make sure your window treatments are of the highest quality, then buying them custom-made will certainly be a better option.

Even though custom-made blinds may come with a higher price tag, for many homeowners in Perth, the benefits listed above far outweigh the extra money that must be spent. If these gleaming benefits have swayed your opinion toward purchasing custom-made blinds, then now comes a very important decision. Spending the extra money will be for naught if you cannot find a reputable company to do the job.

Luckily for Perth homeowners, they won’t have to look far because Westral offers some of the best custom-made blinds in the country.

We also offer free quotes and would be happy to answer any question you may have about the process. Perfect window treatments can elevate a property from a simple house to a lovely home. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can get you one step closer to having the home of your dreams.

Please visit our website, for more information and a detailed overview of all the blind services we offer.

Best Blinds for Granny Flats Perth

Granny flats in Perth are quickly becoming a new craze. With the recent changes in local legislation allowing Perth homeowners to lease our their granny flats, the “old shed” has evolved into a modern and stylish retreat. 

Just as the exterior as changed, so too must the interior of your granny flat. Perth is notoriously sunny, and granny flats can capitalise on the city’s average of 265 sunny days every year through some clever tricks (and high quality blinds)!

Let there be light!

Being so low to the earth, the light of a granny flat plays a crucial role. Windows are sacred in Perth granny flats, so finding the best blind option is an important decision.

The goal of choosing the best granny flat blinds in Perth is to find something that allows for:

  1. as much light as possible when wanted, but
  2. block it out when it’s time for sleep, and
  3. adding a touch of style to the flat.

Let’s take a look at what goes into choosing the perfect blind option for your granny flat in Perth.


Think about the function of your windows along with the function the blinds will play. Consider your own unique needs, or the needs of whoever will be living in the flat. For a granny flat in Perth, you should consider:

  • Does there need to be total darkness for sleeping?
  • Is privacy an issue?
  • Which direction do the windows face?

Assessing these aspects will help in determining what function you’re looking to get out of your blinds. Once you’ve got a checklist of things you need, the search begins for the perfect solution.


Insulation is important to consider when choosing your blinds. Western Australia is known for its harsh weather, so something that can help to keep the heat in during the winter but out during the summer is a big bonus. Whilst other forms of insulation can be costly and complicated, blinds are an affordable and simple solution to insulation troubles.


A high-quality set of blinds is one that is crafted with superior materials and made by experienced professionals who know what you’re looking to get out of them. Some companies will offer the lowest price, but with little reputation to back them up, it’s a big risk as you don’t know what level quality you’ll be receiving. A seasoned team of window experts will be able to explain what materials are used and why, all while backing it up with customer reviews and ratings.


It’s important to create a sense of style in any home. Most granny flats in Perth are small, so every fixture plays a key role. There’s no room to skimp when it comes to the blinds. Different materials, textures, and colours can channel whichever vibe you’re looking to achieve in your granny flat. Some people think curtains are the best way to dress up a window, but it’s just as easy to add flair with the blinds themselves.

Best Blinds for Granny Flats in Perth

Now that we’ve taken a look at the aspects that create the perfect set of blinds for your granny flat, let’s explore some of the available options to consider.

1. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic choice. These horizontal blinds are great for smaller windows that need a bit of privacy that still allow light to stream in. A great choice for value, Venetian Blinds won’t cost you a fortune but will still provide quality light-blocking and privacy when in use. Simply pull these blinds up with the tug of a string, and light will pour in. In a granny flat, that access to light is important, and it has never been simpler to let in than with Venetian blinds.

2. Vertical Blinds and Veri Shades

Vertical Blinds or Veri Shades are great options as far as vertical window solutions go. They’re particularly great for large windows. Vertical blinds are typically bound on the bottom for easy fingertip control, whether you want the blinds released or pulled in. If keeping your blinds consistently hung and crinkle-free is important, the weighted bottoms and chain links on Vertical Blinds will help immensely. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a gentle and elegant version of Vertical Blinds, Veri Shades should be something you consider. Their free-hanging design lends itself to walking or peeking through, and they allow light to stream in gently when the slats are rotated.

3. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds might arguably be the best option when it comes to temperature control. Their unique insulating properties can control room temperature by slowing down any transfer of warm air. The honeycomb-shaped cells on these blinds trap heat, serving whatever purpose you need. That means a cooler interior in the summer and warmer interior in the winter. Their wide range of styles can fit with any décor design. The classic white allows a gentle glow of light from the outside to enter, which is great for granny flats that are otherwise dimly lit.

4. Timber Blinds or Shutters

Timber shutters or blinds provide a style that no other shutters can provide. The distinctive look is great for seaside flats, or for any property looking to embrace an easy breezy beach look. The hefty wood adds durability to these sun-blockers and marries a traditional and contemporary style.

At Westral, we will work with you to choose the best blinds for your granny flat. We’ll listen to your needs, make expert recommendations and create a window solution that is the perfect touch. A small space doesn’t have to be dark or drab at all – call today and let us help transform your granny flat!





Why Timber Shutters Add Character to Any Seaside Property

A seaside home is all about escape and style. You’re one of the lucky few if you’ve found yourself waking up to views of the ocean and that soft sea breeze whistling outside. Whether this is your permanent residence or your holiday home, you want to embrace the beachy style and elegance that come along with such a wonderful location. Whilst throw pillows make a difference on the inside, the exterior touches are just as important. Ideally, your home is just as cool and relaxing from the living room as it is from the outside looking in through the windows.

One of the best and simplest ways to add character to your seaside property is through embracing the natural elegance of timber shutters. Sure, these shutters are an internal fixture, but they add style just as much to the outside as they do to the inside. Before we delve deeply into why timber shutters add just the right character to your seaside home, let’s first take a look at the style and benefits of a coastal property. Then, we’ll explore the benefits of the timber shutters and explain how they’re the perfect touch.

The Escapist Mindset

Whether we realise it or not, humans are always seeking an escape from the hum-drum routines of daily life. Weekends serve as mini escapes once a week. Summer holiday is thought of as a “necessary break.” Meditation even allows you to escape the moment just by closing your eyes. What is a better physical embodiment of this satisfaction of escape than a seaside home? Even if it’s not a permanent move, spending time in a house on the water feels like the ultimate indulgent escape.

It’s no wonder that beach home style has become the epitome of relaxed. Even when the day is done and it’s time to resort back indoors, the escapist mindset does not rest. Seaside character is all about light, ease, comfort, and coolness. Interior design leans towards soft materials, light and bright colours, and ease of function. An easy breezy home is the final piece of the escapist puzzle. Finding all the right touches for your seaside home style will make it that much sweeter.

The Art of The Timber Shutter

Timber shutters, also known as plantation shutters or wooden shutters, are one of the most popular choices of window dressings. They have many functional benefits and are attractive to boot, so it’s no surprise their popularity is steadily rising. They increase both home value and privacy whilst reducing energy use!

Westral timber shutters are of the highest quality and function you can get on the market. All wood used to create the shutters is sourced from trees planted specifically for your blinds. The timber is taken, kiln-dried and cut in a way that makes them less susceptible to warping, twisting, or cupping. This exceptional quality will stand out through their long lifespan and home value appreciation. This investment will earn its keep through its function (and all the compliments you’ll receive on the style of your home!)

The privacy that these thick wooden shutters provide will keep the sun out in the morning and any peeking eyes out all day. As they block the sun, they also keep your energy savings low since you won’t need to pump the home with air conditioning to keep cool. Instead, you can simply open the windows whilst leaving your timber blinds in place to allow for natural ventilation and keeping your seclusion from the outside world.

The Perfect Touch of Character

Not only are timber shutters top-of-the-line when it comes to materials and utility, they also add character that can’t be replicated in other ways. Timber shutters fit in with just about any kind of décor, but the way they embody coastal style is bar none. The colour, fit, and configuration can be carefully chosen to flow with the rest of your beachy décor.

The double-duty nature of timber shutters means they add a style statement to both the indoor AND outdoor look of your home. The slats exude easy breezy living and will make your home stand out on the beach block as one that has mastered seaside style.

Make a statement by adding white timber shutters to your dark-coloured home for a pop of brightness. Or take an opposite approach by using dark shutters against a bright wall to ground the look of your holiday home. Whichever style you choose, Westral Timber shutters will make a true statement of character either way.

Contact Us Today!

To get started on enhancing the value and appearance of your seaside home with timber shutters, give us a call today! We’ll offer free quotes and a wide selection of colour and style options to suit your home’s shutter needs.

Choosing the Correct Security Door for Your Home

Choosing the main entrance door for your home is one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make. It must have security features that keep you safe from intruders but also should be visually appealing since it will be on display at the front of your home. Matching the door to the style and design of your home should be one of the most important factors; however, it won’t always be possible when choosing a new security door.

Due to their practicality and function of being a barrier to keep your home safe it can be difficult to find security doors that adequately match home décors. How far a security door blends in with the rest of a home largely depends on the material it is made from. For example, a door made from timber can be painted to fit in with the colour scheme of a home but is not as secure as a stainless steel security door. Stainless steel doors are harder to customise but are safer overall, even if that means compromising on the look. Powder coating the security door frame to suit the surrounds certainly helps to overcome the matching problems.

It can be reasonably easy when selecting your next security door and as one of the leading suppliers of security doors in Perth, Westral has put together this quick guide to help you make the best decision.


What to Take into Consideration

As mentioned above, the first two things you will want to take into account when installing a new door is fitting in with the style, design and colour of your house without compromising on security features. Aluminium framed security doors with either 7mm grilles or stainless steel mesh are the typical materials your door can be made from but each gives a different look and security features.

The next factors to consider are the installation and cost of the door. Both of these two additional factors will ultimately determine which type of security door you can choose. It is not always possible to select the exact door you’d prefer the most if there is no way of installing it, nor if you can’t afford it. You can only choose a security door that is able to be fitted to your property and only then if you can afford it. Installing security doors should be seen as an investment to safeguard your home and your family.


Choosing the Type of Door

7mm grilles, stainless steel mesh and stainless steel with a decorative cast grille, all give you options to suit your home. They can be powder coated to suit the surrounds either to blend in or contrast. Most important of all is to ensure the security door has a strong frame and Westral extruded frames give you the peace of mind you are looking for.



Before selecting the door for installation there are some items you should consider, such as the locking mechanism. There are many different types of locks that can be fitted to your security door, so it’s important to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

However, mainly you need to ensure the door will be installed correctly. A security door is only as good as its frame and without a strong frame, it defeats the purpose of a strong security door. So you must make sure that both the door and frame are adequately installed. 

Westral is the leading manufacturer and installer of security doors and screens in WA. We always recommend you get the job done professionally by licenced security installers. We understand that

some clients may like to do their own building works but when it comes to ensuring your security door is properly fitted, we’d strongly urge you to use a professional installer. All Westral installers have police clearance and thoroughly trained by Westral.

In addition, all Westral security doors are certified by Standards Australia. No other company in Australia has that certification. Westral has been manufacturing doors for over 44 years and we still have the same owners.


The Investment

As much as we may like to, we sometimes can’t afford the products we’d prefer to buy and when it comes to security doors, this may mean finding the best compromise for the price we can pay. A high-end security door with a complex locking system may be a more secure option but it will cost more than a single locking system. You’ll need to carefully consider all of your options before committing to a security door based on what you can afford. However, Westral does provide several options to suit your budget and also has excellent payment terms available.

If you’d like to get a free quote in your home please call now on (08) 9455 1555. Our representatives will bring samples with them. Westral are specialists in the Perth area at installing security doors and screens with over 44 years’ experience. We also manufacture and install blinds, shutters and awnings. So please contact us today if you’re interested in discussing our product range. Our factory and head office is at 149, Bannister Road, Canning Vale and we also have a northern showroom at 79, Erindale Road, Balcatta if you want to come and take a look at the many options.

What Are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

The way in which we choose to decorate and furnish our homes is a personal choice – one which allows us to express our own tastes in design as well as specify fixtures and fittings which will serve to make our home lives more convenient.

The right window coverings are one area of home furnishing that falls exactly into this category; a functional fixture that not only helps us to manage the levels of comfort in our homes but also allows us to make a bold design statement if we so wish.

Rather than just a simple window dressing, blinds, curtains and window shutters allow us to really customise our home environments, adding a finishing touch with serves to complement the rest of our interior décor.

Here at Westral, we believe that a high quality set of roller blinds is one of the most versatile yet effective types of window covering that can be installed within any home or office. The options available to you are endless. So with that in mind, we’re going to provide you with an overview of how a new set of roller blinds could benefit you.

Maximum Light Control

The primary purpose of any window covering is to allow control over the amount of light entering a room. There are several ways in which you could go about achieving this but roller blinds are by far the most effective solution.

The way in which they are hung is what makes them so versatile as the roller mechanism sits at the very top of your window opening and allows your blinds to fall vertically, all the way to your window sills and thus provide maximum coverage.

Once installed, roller blinds can be opened to any one of several different configurations, with fully closed, great for those brilliant hot summer days, half open during periods of warm weather, to fully open when the heat is not excessive during the cooler months, thus giving you the maximum views. Fully or partially closed blinds can also be useful when you want to keep the heat inside in winter and at the same time also keeping out the cold.

In addition, roller blinds can be customised in the following ways;

  • Your choice of blind material from providing a complete blackout solution for rooms which require total darkness such as bedrooms to much lighter materials that allow a certain amount of light transmittance.
  • Roller blinds can be fitted to span almost any size window from very small window openings to full height glazed curtain walls.

Roller doors controlling light

Total Privacy

Another desirable effect of any window covering is the ability to hide the interior of your home from those who happen to be walking by or there are neighbouring properties which overlook yours. Our privacy is important to us and whilst large uncovered windows are great for enjoying the view of your surroundings, they can also leave us feeling vulnerable, especially when night falls.

Roller blinds are perfect in this regard as they can quickly be closed to react to sudden increases in external activity and then opened again when your external environment calms down. The same could be said for those times when you and your home’s occupants need privacy.

  • Roller blinds offer additional benefits over curtains in this regard as curtains need to be closed fully to be effective, whereas adjustable roller blinds can offer you the privacy you need whilst still maintaining acceptable levels of natural light.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Solar gain during the height of summer here in Western Australia can pose a significant problem for homes. Although most of our homes are air conditioned, the strength of the sun’s rays during periods of direct sunlight can increase the internal temperatures of our homes considerably.

What you will notice is that your air conditioning system is forced to work far harder than it otherwise would be if you had some way to limit the amount of light and heat entering your home. The roller blind will do exactly that, by providing much needed shelter for your homes interior and going a long way to limiting solar gain.

  • With our blinds protecting your home, you will be able to set your AC system to a more reasonable temperature, making your homes interior more comfortable.
  • This form of energy management is sure to reduce the load on your AC system with the added effect being one of lower electricity consumption and lower bills.  

A Variety of Installation Options

One of the many reasons that roller blinds are so popular is due to the way they can be operated. We are all familiar with the control chain which is available as an option for any blind installation but what some of us may not be aware of is that this process can also be fully automated.

If desired, it is possible to be fully motorised and this allows you to open and close them via the touch of a button. The technology is radio frequency based with a remote control unit acting as the control point which can be operated from anywhere within the home. Additionally there is the option to control the blinds directly from your phone, tablet or home automation system. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your sofa to react to sudden changes of light.

  • Each individual blind will have its own circuit board which means that two blinds installed to the same window can be operated independently – great for when the sun is in a particularly awkward position.
  • The motor fitted to your blinds will allow for smooth and almost silent operation, giving you quick, efficient and accurate control over your blinds positioning.

A Variety of Designs, Colours and Patterns

It goes without saying that you are free to choose the exact style and colour of blinds that will suit the decor in the rest of your home’s interior design scheme. We offer a catalogue of designs which you can choose from as all our blinds are made to measure.

What we guarantee here at Westral is quality and you can rest assured that the blinds you order will be backed by an extensive and exclusive Westral warranty.

Order Your Roller Blinds

When you are considering new window coverings, we suggest that you call us here at Westral on (08) 9455 1555 to discuss the installation of roller blinds in Perth and the surrounding areas. We offer a free measure and quote service which places you under no obligation to proceed, however, once you see what we have to offer, we are sure you will.

How to Turn an Ordinary Room into an Office with Shutters or Blinds

Whether we are self-employed or work for a large organisation, these days it’s more and more common for us to work at home, at least some of the time. There are many advantages to working in the space we also live in, including no time-consuming and stressful commute, no office rental fees, no distractions in the shape of chatty colleagues and no need to dress up and look smart for the working day ahead! However, there are pitfalls too, and that’s where converting a room, or part of a room into a designated office space can help enormously.  

What are the Issues with Working at Home?

When we work in the space we live in, it can be hard to create boundaries between our work and leisure time – this usually comes at the expense of our free time as we plough on with the task in hand in order to clear our to-do list for the next day. Noise can also be an issue, both from outside and from our families or housemates, who are perfectly entitled to carry on with their home life around us. Finding a suitable space to work can also be a challenge. For example, many people choose to work at the kitchen table but it’s all too tempting to get distracted from the task in hand by the need to put a load of washing in the machine or the urge to pop the kettle on for yet another cup of coffee! Also, more often than not, it feels too hot, too cold, too light or too dark in the space we need to get on with the job in. This is where installing shutters or blinds can make a huge difference.

Let the Light In

Bright sunlight can be incredibly annoying when it streams in and hits the computer screen making it impossible to see the screen properly. It’s equally annoying when the room is too dark and we crave natural light to keep us motivated for the working day. By simply changing the position of the slats on your shutters and blinds, you can get complete control of the amount of light that is coming into your home office, something that is impossible with curtains.

Blinds increasing lighting

The Perfect Temperature

As you sit at a desk for a long period of time, you’ll notice changes in your body temperature both due to external factors and how long you’ve been sitting down with no opportunity to warm up by moving around. Temperature can be a real issue for home-workers as others in your house who are busy playing or getting on with household tasks may not agree with your idea of the perfect temperature for working. Again, adjusting the slats on your blinds or shutters is a subtle but very effective way to alter the temperature by cooling things down or trapping some much-needed warmth. This is a great way to aid comfort and concentration, particularly on days where switching on the air-conditioning or heating doesn’t feel warranted.

Noisy Neighbours

Shutters and blinds will not soundproof your home, but closing them when you’re trying to concentrate is a great way to minimise the noise of that ball being kicked around outside or the kids next door’s screams as they splash in the pool. Combining this with some quiet and non-intrusive background music is a great way to create a calm working environment where you will not be distracted or irritated by the sounds of everyday life going on around you.  

See no Evil

Another major distraction for the home worker is the sight of things going on around you that may look more appealing than the report you need to finish. Shutting the door of your home office is a simple way to keep your fellow house dwellers at bay, but it’s easy to get distracted by the sights of what is going on outside, particularly if you live on a busy road or have friendly neighbours who like to wave as they walk past. Tilting the blinds or shutters is a brilliant way to symbolise work time both for you and for those tempted to knock on the window to say, “hi”. And when you’ve finished work for the day, opening the shutters or blinds is a lovely ritual to end the working day and start relaxation time.

Private and Professional

No one wants to recreate a corporate office in the place they call home, but there is no doubt that creating a tidy and ordered space is much more conducive to clear thought and diligent work than trying to muddle through in a cluttered or chaotic domestic environment. Choosing shutters or blinds is a modern and stylish way to achieve this without compromising the “homeliness” of your home. In fact, you may find that you love your new shutters or blinds so much that you decide to install them throughout your house!

Finding the Right Room

Not all of us are blessed with much choice when it comes to choosing the ideal room for our home office. However, it is important to think about what works for everyone in the house. For example, if you know your kids will be noisily arriving home from school in the middle of the afternoon, it makes sense to try and create your home working space upstairs. If space is an issue, combining your office area with a bedroom is a popular option, particularly if you are lucky enough to have a spare room. Or how about building a garden office away from the hustle and bustle of the house or even converting your garage?

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The Key Benefits of Blinds in Rental Properties

When planning to rent out your property, there are several items you will need to put into place before passing the keys over to the tenants. One of the most important is to provide basic furnishings including window blinds or curtains. Believe it or not, the right decision between blinds and curtains could make or break the effect of a room. Westral, manufacturers of blinds for over 44 years, believes that fitting window blinds will make your life easier as a landlord. Installing blinds instead of curtains or drapes will prove to be a far more economical solution for window coverings. This could even make the difference between properties being let out as well as the duration the tenants are likely to stay. Blinds have several other advantages that make them uniquely well suited to rental properties, as suggested by Westral’s consultants.

They are attractive to perspective tenants

One of the ways blinds can help when installed in a rental property is that they are extremely attractive to tenants. Aesthetically they are pleasing to the eye as they are neater and the minimalistic look of roller blinds is the modern way to cover your windows beautifully.  Because they can greatly improve the appearance of your property, blinds can help sway a perspective tenant’s decision to rent the property initially. Not only that, tenants are likely to stay longer in a property when it is cleaner, tidier and attractive, particularly if new window blinds have been installed.

Blinds help keep your property clean and tidy.

As a landlord, it is important to take steps to ensure that your property is as hygienic and comfortable as possible.  One of the best ways to keep a property hygienically clean is by fitting blinds.  They are way more hygienic over drapes and curtains. Installing blinds to cover all your windows in the property will make the place will look cleaner and tidier instantly. This type of window and glass door covering will also make it easier to clean when one tenant moves out and the next one moves in. Quite simply, blinds are so much easier to clean than either drapes or curtains. A quick wipe is all they need instead of a thorough wash at regular intervals. In comparison, drapes and curtains are more time consuming to wash than blinds. They will need to be taken down from the curtain pole, washed, allowed to dry, possibly iron and then replaced back on the pole. This is too much hassle for a homeowner let alone a busy landlord.

Blinds can act as space savers

There is no denying the popularity of blinds has risen dramatically in the last few years. Experts say more and more people are choosing to live in cities – which essentially means apartments – and these don’t tend to be over spacious by any means. Often a lot of these dwellings are owned by landlords for rental purposes. So, where space is limited, landlords should seek ways to make the property look bigger than it actually is. Landlords have realised that installing blinds is an efficient way to create more space in smaller properties as opposed to folds and folds of heavy curtain material.

Venetian Blinds

There is so much choice

Mistakenly, many people believe that the choice for curtains and drapes is larger than the choice for blinds. But there is so much choice when it comes to blinds in Perth, from Venetians to rollers, from honeycomb to vertical to Romans plus the relatively new panel glide blinds. There is bound to be a style of blinds to suit all types of property. A quick chat to Perth blind experts, Westral, will have you thinking differently. Blinds come in all manner of fabrics and patterns to suit any home’s style and décor. And staff at Westral will only be too happy to assist landlords in their blind making decisions.

Blinds are airy and allow light in

Curtains and drapes can make a room appear much darker than blinds because they can cover parts of the window frame. Blinds in comparison are versatile as they can be rolled away or tucked to the side and make the window all the more visible. This results in bringing in more light into the room because there is way less material to obstruct the window the way curtains and drapes have the habit of doing.

Help improve the quality of tenant’s life

As well as allowing light to spill into the room, blinds can also be used to control the amount of heat entering the room by adjusting their slats in the case of venetian blinds, or raising or lowering the blind itself, as is in the case of roller blinds or Romans. By giving tenants this level of control over their environment, landlords will have happier tenants. By improving tenant’s lives, they are likely to stay longer which will save the landlord the hassle of finding new tenants when a contract ends. It is a clear win-win situation for both tenants and landlords.

Perth blind experts Westral strongly discourage the use of curtains or drapes to dress the windows if you are looking to rent your property. The above listed advantages speak for themselves. Whether you are looking for blinds, awnings, screens and rolling or timber shutters, even roller shutters, Westral is the company for you. Westral manufacture a wide range of home improvements, all of which add real value to your home. With over 44 years of experience, Westral can suggest the perfect solutions for landlords and homeowners. Contact them today to get a free quote on all their services by calling (08) 9455 1555.

The importance of selecting the perfect blinds for your home

Selecting the right blinds for your Perth home is an important part of interior design. Not only does your choice of blinds affect the overall aesthetics of your indoor spaces, it can also influence the comfort, temperature, brightness and general liveability of your home.

However, deciding on which blinds will best suit your needs is often easier said than done. Due to continued advances in both manufacturing and design, there are more blinds options at your disposal than ever before. Whether you like the practical functionality of Honeycomb Blinds or the classic look of Roller, Roman, Venetian and Vertical blinds, chances are there’s a style at Westral that is right for you.

Founded more than 44 years ago, it’s fair to say that Westral has a fair bit of experience in dealing with all types of blinds in Perth. In this article we’re going to take a look at two of the most popular types. Read on for our insights into the key differences between roller and venetian blinds and find out which is best for your home.

What are the benefits of roller blinds?

Roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular in Western Australia and across the rest of the country thanks to their contemporary style and practical functionality. In fact roller blinds are the number one blind in Australia today. At Westral, we offer an extensive range of customisable roller blinds, including motorised, double roller, linked blinds and pelmet options. All our Perth roller blinds are manufactured in our state of the art facilities based in Canning Vale, so you can rest assured that they’re up to the challenge of protecting you and your family from WA’s harsh weather conditions.

  1. Affordable

Roller blinds are very affordable, enabling you to inject some modern style into your home without breaking the bank. In addition, our roller fabrics are specifically designed to capture as much natural light as you want or to block out the sunlight entirely, resulting in extensive savings on your power bills.

  1. Durable

The simple design of roller blinds not only helps keep prices down, it also makes them more durable than some other options. The absence of fiddly parts means that there are simply fewer components that can break, allowing you to save time and money on maintenance and/or repairs further down the track. If you have curious kids or pets that tend to jump up at the windows, roller blinds might be a good option.

  1. Contemporary Design

Roller blinds might have begun in the corporate world, but today they’re the hallmark of a modern, forward-thinking home. We offer a range of materials and designs to suit your design tastes, ensuring that your roller blinds complement the existing colour palette and stylings of your home.

  1. Easy to clean

While some types of blinds will look wonderful in the days following installation, keeping them in their original showroom condition can cause problems. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with roller blinds. Their simple design makes cleaning an effortless task, enabling you to easily keep your blinds looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.

Roller Blinds

What the benefits of Venetian blinds?

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Venetian blinds did not originate in Venice, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter. Persia is believed to be the birthplace of what we now refer to as Venetian Blinds. Regardless of their history, Venetian Blinds are now used widely throughout Australia and the rest of the world and are prized for their design aesthetics as much as their functionality. Comprised of horizontal slats that can be opened or closed via pulleys and tilt wands, Venetian blinds offer the ultimate in light control, making them a fantastic choice for sunny Perth homes.

  1. Total Control

The number one advantage of Venetian blinds is how much privacy and light control they give you. You can control the sunlight and still retain your view. Some types of blinds do not allow as much light control, meaning they either allow the sun in or they block it out entirely – there’s no middle ground. Venetian blinds, on the other hand, grant you the ability to easily control a room’s light levels with precision, giving you the freedom to create the exact ambience you want. Capture warm sunshine, shut out harsh lights or find the happy balance somewhere in between – with Venetian blinds, the choice is yours.

  1. Improved Privacy

It’s important to keep in mind that your choice of blinds can have a big influence on the privacy of your home, particularly if you live in a densely populated part of Perth. Venetian blinds excel in this department, due to the fact that the angle and height of their slats can be adjusted. Set the blinds to allow light and warm sunshine into your home while preventing outsiders looking in.

  1. Durable

Although they are made of many individual parts, you’ll be pleased to know that our Venetian Blinds are incredibly strong and are carefully engineered to stand the test of time. Our Venetian blinds are manufactured using high quality aluminium that’s lightweight without compromising on durability. In fact, Westral’s Rhapsody Venetians are the only all aluminium blinds made in Australia!

So, which should you choose?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to this without knowing your specific circumstances. Whether you should opt for roller or Venetian blinds depends on a range of factors including your taste, the existing style of your home, budget, needs and more.

Customer service and quality products are at the core of everything we do here at Westral. Founded way back in 1973, we are proud of our reputation as one of the leading providers of blinds in Perth. If you are looking for more advice about which type of blinds is best suited to your home, please don’t hesitate to give the friendly Westral team a call today for a no obligation chat about your options. Simply ring on (08) 9455 1555. A free measure and quote service is available with samples being displayed in your home with no obligation.

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