Best Blinds for Granny Flats Perth

Best Blinds for Granny Flats Perth

Granny flats in Perth are quickly becoming a new craze. With the recent changes in local legislation allowing Perth homeowners to lease our their granny flats, the “old shed” has evolved into a modern and stylish retreat.

Just as the exterior as changed, so too must the interior of your granny flat. Perth is notoriously sunny, and granny flats can capitalise on the city’s average of 265 sunny days every year through some clever tricks (and high quality blinds)!

Let there be light!
Being so low to the earth, the light of a granny flat plays a crucial role. Windows are sacred in Perth granny flats, so finding the best blind option is an important decision.

The goal of choosing the best granny flat blinds in Perth is to find something that allows for:

  • as much light as possible when wanted, but
  • block it out when it’s time for sleep, and
  • adding a touch of style to the flat.

Let’s take a look at what goes into choosing the perfect blind option for your granny flat in Perth.

Think about the function of your windows along with the function the blinds will play. Consider your own unique needs, or the needs of whoever will be living in the flat. For a granny flat in Perth, you should consider:

  • Does there need to be total darkness for sleeping?
  • Is privacy an issue?
  • Which direction do the windows face?

Assessing these aspects will help in determining what function you’re looking to get out of your blinds. Once you’ve got a checklist of things you need, the search begins for the perfect solution.

Insulation is important to consider when choosing your blinds. Western Australia is known for its harsh weather, so something that can help to keep the heat in during the winter but out during the summer is a big bonus. Whilst other forms of insulation can be costly and complicated, blinds are an affordable and simple solution to insulation troubles.

A high-quality set of blinds is one that is crafted with superior materials and made by experienced professionals who know what you’re looking to get out of them. Some companies will offer the lowest price, but with little reputation to back them up, it’s a big risk as you don’t know what level quality you’ll be receiving. A seasoned team of window experts will be able to explain what materials are used and why, all while backing it up with customer reviews and ratings.

It’s important to create a sense of style in any home. Most granny flats in Perth are small, so every fixture plays a key role. There’s no room to skimp when it comes to the blinds. Different materials, textures, and colours can channel whichever vibe you’re looking to achieve in your granny flat. Some people think curtains are the best way to dress up a window, but it’s just as easy to add flair with the blinds themselves.


Now that we’ve taken a look at the aspects that create the perfect set of blinds for your granny flat, let’s explore some of the available options to consider.

1. Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are a classic choice. These horizontal blinds are great for smaller windows that need a bit of privacy that still allow light to stream in. A great choice for value, Venetian Blinds won’t cost you a fortune but will still provide quality light-blocking and privacy when in use. Simply pull these blinds up with the tug of a string, and light will pour in. In a granny flat, that access to light is important, and it has never been simpler to let in than with Venetian blinds.

2. Vertical Blinds and Veri Shades
Vertical Blinds or Veri Shades are great options as far as vertical window solutions go. They’re particularly great for large windows. Vertical blinds are typically bound on the bottom for easy fingertip control, whether you want the blinds released or pulled in. If keeping your blinds consistently hung and crinkle-free is important, the weighted bottoms and chain links on Vertical Blinds will help immensely. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a gentle and elegant version of Vertical Blinds, Veri Shades should be something you consider. Their free-hanging design lends itself to walking or peeking through, and they allow light to stream in gently when the slats are rotated.

3. Honeycomb Blinds
Honeycomb Blinds might arguably be the best option when it comes to temperature control. Their unique insulating properties can control room temperature by slowing down any transfer of warm air. The honeycomb-shaped cells on these blinds trap heat, serving whatever purpose you need. That means a cooler interior in the summer and warmer interior in the winter. Their wide range of styles can fit with any décor design. The classic white allows a gentle glow of light from the outside to enter, which is great for granny flats that are otherwise dimly lit.

4. Timber Blinds or Shutters
Timber shutters or blinds provide a style that no other shutters can provide. The distinctive look is great for seaside flats, or for any property looking to embrace an easy breezy beach look. The hefty wood adds durability to these sun-blockers and marries a traditional and contemporary style.

At Westral, we will work with you to choose the best blinds for your granny flat. We’ll listen to your needs, make expert recommendations and create a window solution that is the perfect touch. A small space doesn’t have to be dark or drab at all – call today and let us help transform your granny flat!