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Crimsafe Safe S Cape

Safe-S-Cape (Fire Escape) Screens

Security is most important in today’s times but how do you and your family get out if a fire starts in your home? Don’t lock yourself in! The answer lies with Westral’s Safe-S-Scape. This patented system has a unique keyless locking system that features a “One Touch” push action that enables your family to exit quickly and safely from your home in the event of fire.


  • Safe-S-Scape has been designed to fit all types of windows
  • Resist jimmying, battering, kicking-in, slitting and pulling outwards
  • Bolt cutters are ineffective against Crimsafe
  • Unique “One Touch” push action allows for a small child or elderly person to exit quickly and safely
  • Long trouble free life with virtually no maintenance


  • Available in Crimsafe Stainless Steel or Aluminium Grille
  • Hinged or Sliding
  • Can be hinged left, right or top

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