Roller Shutters: Are They for Your Business?

Roller Shutters: Are They for Your Business?

Roller shutters are a reliable and innovative choice, especially considering Western Australia’s weather. Their function is especially useful for commercial spaces, as they also double as protection from break-ins whilst being an affordable option. The benefits are many when it comes to roller shutters, so let’s dive in and determine whether or not these are the right choice for your Australian business.

One of the most convenient aspects of roller shutters is that they act as both light/air blockers and crime deterrents. Their aluminium material’s durability will help to prevent any criminals from breaking into your business. This kind of security is especially important to commercial businesses that have valuable product or employees who work night shifts. Keeping what’s inside safe from the outside can be as easy as rolling down your shutters. Pharmacies, stadiums, stores and more have learned that roller shutters are an easy fix. Although security is not the original purpose these shutters serve, it plays the role of defence well and will provide you with peace of mind after locking up each night.

Roller shutters also play a big role in protecting your business from extreme weather of any kind. From storms to tornadoes to bushfires, a tough aluminium guard will keep indoor goods and people safe and secure from the ravaging weather outside. Western Australia is known for its harsh weather, but luckily Westral’s roller shutters were designed specifically for these conditions. Strong winds can send debris flying towards windows, and this is one of the most commonly seen causes of damaged property during bouts of extreme weather. High-quality Australian materials combined with design with weather in mind means Westral’s roller shutters were created precisely for what could potentially come.

Recently, many Australian government agencies have been recommending roller shutters specifically to be installed to add a layer of protection against bushfires. They will not stop a fire in its tracks, but they do protect windows from window-shattering scorching heat. If bushfires have threatened your business’s area in the past, roller shutters are a great solution to keep you and your business safe.


Roller shutters offer a few versions of privacy. Their three positions (fully rolled down, rolled down with tilted slats, and rolled up) allow levels of privacy for whatever time of day. If what you’re looking for is total privacy and complete obstruction of view, roll your shutters down for a solid wall of protection. On the other hand, if you want a full view and access to your business, rolling your shutters back up into their headbox will keep an unobstructed entrance or window. If you find yourself somewhere in between, you can keep your shutters rolled down with adjusted slats to let in a bit of light and airflow. Roller shutters are perfect for protecting your valuables in storage. By protecting your storage unit with roller shutters, you can be sure your property is stored securely.

Roller shutters can be used by anyone. Whilst it is commonly thought that it takes muscle to pull down a large aluminium shutter sheet, that simply is not the case. Roller shutters by Westral come in a variety of different use options including both manual and automatic, featuring our new Ozroll Drive System. A quick pull-down will take your window from totally vulnerable to totally protected. A simple lift will reverse that, bringing your business to life with every reveal. Anyone can be taught to use roller blinds, so you won’t have to be present every night to lock up your business.

Roller shutters serve a unique purpose in that they can help to lower your energy bills. The foam-insulated aluminium panels are great to either keep heat in or keep it out, depending on the time of year and what you need. In the summer, rolling your shutters down will help to keep the heat out. You will need automated cooling less, thus you’ll pay less each month on your energy bill. In the winter, rolling your shutters down will keep any warmth inside so that you don’t need to run your heater quite as much. Although money savings may not have been at the forefront of your mind when deciding about shutters, it is certainly a lovely added benefit.

For custom options for your roller shutter situation, there’s no better company in Western Australia that Westral. Our reputation for providing expert advice, high-value products and superb customer service has not been lost on us. We consistently provide these things to all clients, making businesses better and safer every day. Give us a call to chat roller shutters today