Crimsafe Ultimate

Westral’s Crimsafe Ultimate

Westral’s Crimsafe Ultimate. The ultimate protection for your home. You will feel safe in the knowledge that Westral’s Crimsafe Ultimate is 40% stronger than regular Crimsafe, seven times stronger than the impact level required by the Australian Standard, tested to withstand the equivalent of 30 years exposure to harsh environments.

With our Westral Crimsafe Ultimate Security Doors and Screens you will experience a whole new level of security and safety without feeling caged in. Whether you are at home relaxing with your family, out for the evening, or away on holidays, you will enjoy the freedom of living in a home that is protected by Westral’s Crimsafe Ultimate.

The ultimate look for your home

We all want our home to look the best. With Westral’s Crimsafe Ultimate you do not have to sacrifice style to feel safe and secure. Chosen by architects and interior designers for the sleek lines and designer styling, the Crimsafe Ultimate is renowned for its “see-through” mesh, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views from the comfort of your home. Manufactured from 6063 Architectural Grade aluminium, the Westral Crimsafe Ultimate frame features a curved profile where it meets the mesh, while a sleek clip on cover completes the stylish look.

It can span wider and higher openings without losing its structural integrity, making it easy to open up your home to the great outdoors.

  • Endorsed by Quality Assurance Services and Manufactured to exceed Australian Standards AS 5039/40/41-2008
  • Carries the Certified Products Standards Mark Licence No 2235
  • Passes Australian Standards Impact Test
  • Every eightieth door independently tested to ensure ongoing integrity and compliance
  • Passes Australian Standards 4483.1 Impact Test
  • Passes Australian Standards 4483.1 Knife Shear Attack Test
  • Extruded heavy-duty aluminium frame
  • Heavy-duty extruded corner stakes
  • Stainless steel high tensile heavy gauge 0.9mm woven mesh – corrosive resistant black powder coated.
  • Patented positive fastening system
  • Exclusive tamper resistant screws
  • Extra impact strength mesh and fixings
  • Available with or without extruded push bar
  • Exclusive anti-corrosion tape protects the grille and frame
  • Three interlocking hinges
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Heavy-duty Three Parrot Beak griplock locking system ( as recommended by Crime Prevention), with cable drive for smoother operation – anchors door at top, centre and bottom
  • Quick action snib engages all three parrot beak ‘Griplock’ tongues for greater protection, unlike other designs
  • Heavy-duty door closer

Available in a wide selection of colours to enhance your decor, the Westral Crimsafe Ultimate can also be custom colour matched to create a totally seamless look.