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Crimsafe Security Close-up

Closer look of Crimsafe System
Take a close look at the Crimsafe® security system.

  • The patented screw-clamp and hook feature transfers the force of an impact around the frame, so the mesh remains intact and the unit is able to withstand enormous impacts.
  • Tamper resistant stainless steel screws, exclusive to Crimsafe screens, are driven right through the clamp and mesh into the frame on the other side, to give the screen amazing strength. Crimsafe is the only security screen to use mesh screwed into place like this.
  • Only Crimsafe features specially developed 0.9mm diameter Tensile Tuff Security mesh. Developed from Premium Grade 304 high tensile stainless steel, it is the strongest mesh of its type, and is designed specifically for security.
  • The Crimsafe clamp and frame have special teeth designed to match the profile of the mesh and ‘bite down’ on it with a vice-like grip.
  • The Santoprene rubber insulator is so revolutionary it has its own patent. It reduces water penetration and salt build up in harsh environments and virtually eliminates galvanic corrosion – meaning a very long life for your screens.